Welcome to Lewisham Together

This is the online home of Lewisham Labour Party’s Policy Consultation. We’re looking to collect and debate your ideas as we develop our manifesto for the local elections in 2014. 

Whether you’re a local Labour Party member, a trade union member, a representative of a voluntary organisation or business, or none of the above, we want to hear from you about what matters to you most in Lewisham.

How do I share my ideas?

We’ve created this website for you to share your ideas with Lewisham Labour. Simply fill in one of the submission forms on the relevant page and have your say. Alternatively, you can leave a comment at the bottom of each page.

Every idea submitted will be read and responded to. Submissions to the Lewisham Together consultation should ideally be no more than 600 words. Popular ideas will be posted to the Get Involved page to encourage more debate.

All the ideas posted by 31 July 2013 will feed into the manifesto process and discussed in detail by local members. Submissions after that date will be read, but we cannot guarantee a response.

Policy Themes

To make things easier, we’ve separated the Lewisham Together consultation into five policy themes:

Building the Homes Lewisham Needs  Including policy ares such as: housing, transport, regeneration, economic development, and physical infrastructure.

Lewisham Young People, Safe and Skilled  Including areas such as: youth Service, 14-19 year olds, school improvement, early intervention, children’s safeguarding, and Community Education Lewisham

A Fit and Healthy Lewisham  Includes policies on: the NHS, adult social care and public health

Building a Strong Community Includes areas: community development, the voluntary sector and community safety

A Clean, Green Borough Includes policies on refuse and cleansing, parks, libraries, sports, arts and leisure, regulatory services and parking.

These themes act as a guide only. If you have any ideas about any other policy area for which Lewisham Council has responsibility, please submit these in one of the forms found on any of the policy theme pages.

What Happens Next?

All of the ideas submitted to Lewisham Together will be collated over the summer and an outline manifesto will be prepared by Lewisham Labour Councillors and Candidates. Lewisham Labour Party members will be invited to discuss this at a Policy Consultation in the early Autumn.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Lewisham Together

  1. Sarah Jeapes

    Make changes to Lewisham high street to the roundabout by Lewisham station. Every week day morning, buses (and other traffic) queue around the roundabout by Morley rd for 15 minutes without moving as there is nowhere to go and everyone is blocked in. Then it just about gets down the high street and gets stuck again at the station roundabout. Is adding half an hour to my journey to work (and many others trying to get to work and school) to the point where I have looked into moving out of the area just so I can get to work easier.

    1. lewishamtogether Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ll pass this on to the relevant policy group who are looking at the borough’s physical infrastructure. In the meantime, it may be worth looking at the plans for the regeneration of Lewisham Town Centre. The section on Lewisham Gateway includes plans to redesign the road layout of the area. Let us know what you think.


      1. Ant man bee

        If you study the traffic plans for the new Lewisham Gateway road configuration you’ll see that there is no provable improvement in the road system, in fact there some journeys will take longer. The only thing the developers have to ensure is that congestion doesn’t get worse. The Gateway, in the press that serves the building and construction industry, has been a standing joke for some time. Pity the council doesn’t see the funny side…

  2. adamwalther

    Have some more democracy in Lewisham Labour Party. For example (and this is just off the top of my head) don’t have a mayor that stands for more than two terms. And if that mayor feels strongly that more than two terms is absolutely necessary, that they have the good grace to ensure that there are challenges to their candidacy to demonstrate their capabilities to their members. This would result in hustings and meaningful debate on Lewisham Labour policy as opposed to sanitised, linear online policy consultations which are ill equipped to create informed policy positions.

    1. lewishamtogether Post author

      Hi Adam,

      Thanks for your contribution and thanks for engaging in the consultation. We’ll pass this on to the appropriate people looking at this area. However, the main focus of this policy consultation is building the Manifesto for 2014 and our priority over the next few months will be to ensure that our Labour Mayor and Councillors are re-elected.

      1. adamwalther

        Dear Lewisham Together,

        Which might be the appropriate people my comments will be passed on to? Names wont be necessary, just job titles. What do you think are the viable outcomes of my contribution and engagement in this consultation?

        You wanted to hear what matters to me most in Lewisham and what matters to me most is the ability to be able to have dialogue and challenge with our political leadership before they represent me and my party. The Mayor will ultimately have the last word on the manifesto you hope to consult on, he will need to have it costed within continuing financial constraints and he ought to demonstrate, like any leader in the Labour party, that he values the membership and welcomes robust challenges to his leadership, to prove he is still the best possible candidate to represent us. I, like many in the Lewisham Labour, would have liked the opportunity to ensure that this is the case. The political and financial landscape has change immeasurably since the Mayor was first elected, and Lewisham Labour therefore requires a different kind of leadership.

      2. Ant man bee

        “our priority over the next few months will be to ensure that our Labour Mayor and Councillors are re-elected.”

        Ah, so you’re not actually debating what the beneficial long term plans for lewisham might be then?

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