Private Rented Sector – What do you think?

We’ve been sent submissions from everything from crime to road layouts this week – thank you very much to those who have been able to send us ideas.

Housing has been one area of policy that has come up regularly, and in particular suggestions about what our priorities for the private rented sector should be have been prominent.

The following suggestion came from a member in New Cross:

“Of course Lewisham must carry on its work to increase the quantities of housing stock, but this is a nationwide market failure, and there is only so much a single Borough can do. I’d like to see Lewisham Labour focus on making renting more stable, so that it can become a more palatable long-term option.

This might proceed through associations of local landlords, and focus on convincing them of the benefits of longer tenancies, of providing the earliest possible notice of rent increases, and through minor things such as allowing tenants to put up pictures without permission.”

Shadow Housing Minister Jack Dromey discussed some of these ideas (and a few others) in a labourlist article last year, where he set out what a future Labour government would do for the private rented sector.

What do you think of this suggestion? What should our priorities be for the private rented sector? Les us know by filling out the form below. 


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