Building a Strong Community

In 2011 London witnessed disturbances on a scale unseen before. The way the community in Lewisham responded was amazing with its demonstration of tolerance, resilience and a renewed vigour to strengthen relationships and solve problems. This was made possible as a result of the strong foundations and close relationships our voluntary and community organisations have built over the years – it was the strongest possible demonstration of the contribution the voluntary sector makes to the borough. 

Lewisham’s voluntary and community organisations contribute enormously to the quality of life in our borough. They have demonstrated their effectiveness in community leadership and empowerment. They have pioneered new approaches community and participatory budgeting, and increased dramatically the number of people who volunteer and devote their time to community life. We will continue supporting them in every way we can.

Crime is still a major concern for our residents, despite significant falls in crime levels in recent years. We have established strong partnership arrangements with the Police and will maintain and improve these where necessary.

Local assemblies have gone from strength to strength and continue to provide opportunities for local people to influence decisions and play a role in community governance. Lewisham Labour have maintained individual pots of funding for each and every group.

We want to continue to strengthen our community and your thoughts on how we can do this are welcomed. What should our priorities be? How can we engage more residents in what we’re doing? How can we make our community safer?

Every idea that is submitted to the Lewisham Together consultation will receive a response from Lewisham Labour and will feed directly into the development of the manifesto for the 2014 local elections.


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