A Clean, Green Borough

Creating a clean, green Borough involves everything from collecting the bins on time to improving our parks and open spaces. We’d also like to hear your thoughts on what our priorities should be for libraries, sports, arts and leisure and parking in this section.

We are proud of our record when it comes to keeping streets clean, providing great parks and open spaces and delivering services in ways that reduce our carbon footprint.  But we are also clear that in times of hardship, there are difficult choices to make. We will work to strike the right balance in the continued provision of these everyday, visible services.

We opened the Deptford Lounge, a new Library and Community space in the heart of Deptford and we have ensured that all libraries in Lewisham have remained open by transferring five smaller community libraries to local groups and social enterprises. This  has increased both library opening hours and user numbers. 

We’ve opened two new Leisure Centres with swimming pools in the last two years. Forest Hill Pool and The Glass Mill Centre in Lewisham Town Centre have proved extremely popular. We’ve also been able to refurbish a third, with Wavelengths in Deptford receiving a new lease of life.

We’ve achieved all of these things despite being forced to accept budget cuts on an unprecedented scale. Some very difficult decisions have been made and there is likely to be more ahead of us. How can we retain and improve on existing service levels with shrinking budgets? What should our priorities be in this area?

Every idea that is submitted to the Lewisham Together consultation will receive a response from Lewisham Labour and will feed directly into the development of the manifesto for the 2014 local elections.


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