A Fit and Healthy Lewisham

The NHS has come under repeated attack from this Tory led government. They have implemented significant changes and there are legitimate concerns about the damage they may cause on our health service.

The proposal to downgrade Lewisham Hospital caused outrage and saw 20,000 people take to the streets in the borough. Lewisham Labour has led the opposition to these proposals – we’re doing everything in our power to keep the Hospital open.

Not all of the changes made by this government to our health service has been unwelcome. The return of Public Health to local government brings great opportunities and the creation of a Health and Well-Being Board has the potential to significantly improve local health outcomes. We would welcome any thoughts or ideas you have to make sure we are using these new powers in the most effective way.

Adult Social Care is one of the biggest issues facing local government. An ageing population is placing great strain on budgets that are suffering from government cuts. We’re working closely with Lewisham Hospital and GPs to make our health and social care services better integrated. This will not only provide a seamless and efficient service for residents but also has the potential to make significant savings for the public purse.

We would welcome your ideas on how we can further improve local services and help to keep Lewisham fit and healthy. What should our priorities be?

Every idea that is submitted to the Lewisham Together consultation will receive a response from Lewisham Labour and will feed directly into the development of the manifesto for the 2014 local elections.


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